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A message from our Manager

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and discover our story. At Love American Properties our asset management philosophy is based on the belief that all successful asset investing should weigh price and potential. While getting a good price is a key to profitability, each asset portfolio affords its own possibilities that must be weighed. We seek to do our part in this recent economic crisis by helping those borrowers who desire to stay in their home. While most hedge funds seek to obtain the higher asset class, we believe in the lower value asset class, which creates a unique and profitable opportunity. We also aim to make investment opportunities available to those who may not qualify for a typical investment, either because of lack of sufficient liquid capital or low net worth. The capital contribution necessary to invest in distressed assets is lower, thus making investing available to a largely untapped investor base. Our mission is to achieve unrivaled satisfaction to all we engage. From our acquisition partners to our third party vendors, strategic alliances and partnerships we strive to maintain a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship. To the distressed borrower, we strive to provide a unique and unparalleled experience, through effective communication and dialogue aimed at creating positive solutions that satisfy their needs. To our investors and joint venture partners, we are committed to provide superior service and performance and most important, provide security with their investment and confidence in our firm. Kevin Kruse Manager

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